Monday, August 26, 2013


#1 and #2 are really starting to enjoy each other.  Not always, but sometimes, most often when we are in the car, I will hear giggles coming from the back seat.  They aren't doing a lot.  They just look at each other and smile.  #1's smile makes #2 giggle.  #2's giggle makes #1 smile.  It is a beautiful cycle.  I love it.

In other news, we finally got an appointment with the surgeon for #2.  Unfortunately, the next open appointment is on October 5th.  That is really far away.  Something about this city, if you are good at all, your next available appointment is always at least a month away.  It totally bugs.  So... guess we just try to keep her comfortable and happy til then?  She is starting to get frustrated when her body holds her back.  She tries so hard to roll over, but then ends up giving up with the saddest little cry.  Poor kid.  She is such a sweet girl!
 #1 has decided she really likes my shoes.

Just playing under the coffee table.  #2 scooted herself there.  She lays on her back and pushes herself around with her heels.  Way to adapt kid!

So, my phone does this thing where if I take a bunch of similar photos in a row it puts them together into something like this.  #1 really felt the need to do my hair.  (I hadn't planned on all of the pictures being put together, so please pardon my crazy faces!)


Leann Nelson said...

Oh my goodness I love the pictures including the fun faces! Thanks for the pictures and updates!!

Sarah Machado said...

Love it! (And I'm keeping #2 in my prayers)