Friday, September 27, 2013

Little Vacation

Hod was able to get a week off work.  I've been missing family, so we decided to drive to see the family we have that lives the closest.  We had a wonderful time!  My girls were able to spend some time with some of their cousins, and they loved them!  I didn't take a lot of pictures, I was too busy playing, but I think the few I did take were winners!

 #1 playing with her cousin.  This was a fun moment for me because #1 is just getting so she wants to play with people and not just next to them.  Look how cute they are!

 Cute Cousin licking off the beater after we made sugar cookies.  (And I like the handsome man licking a beater in the background.)

We went to a cathedral and it was beautiful!  The girls were really pretty good while we walked around.  This part was #1's favorite, because I actually let her get down and climb on the benches.

A beautiful quote outside of the cathedral.

Sadly I didn't get any pictures with the older cousins who my girls were also big fans of.  Over all it was such a great week!  Thanks for putting us up, L4!

And this is totally random, but last Sunday at church we had our primary program.  They sang all of the verses to Follow the Prophet.  Turns out #1 loves it.  She became quite the distraction as she danced along.  I thought you all may like to see it.  Cause she is stinkin' cute.

And we can't leave out #2!  She is such a sweet girl.  We are still doing OMT on her hips, but she is making great progress.  Next week we will find out if we need to meet with a surgeon.  But through it all she keeps smiling!  Oh, and she FINALLY cut her first two teeth!  So happy for her!


Miss Nelson said...

Love all the darling pics! Oh, I just miss you!!

Grandma Nelson said...

So glad you could all get together, and love the cousin pictures!

Laree said...

it makes me happy that those two boys are both licking beaters - I never realized that!

(and the head bob dance is awesome!)

Happy Mom said...

We had a blast with you guys!! Sure love you all

Leann Nelson said...

Oh my goodness your kiddos are SO cute! I love the first picture of #1 and her cousin! The video made me giggle! Has she been watching chickens? So much cuteness!!