Friday, September 13, 2013

Ladies, Get Over Yourselves

I don't live in Utah.  I used to, but I moved about a year ago.  Sometimes I rely on social media to let me know of the big happenings going on there.  And I recently learned about something that makes my blood boil.  Seriously.  This ticks me off.


Ok, so I'll admit, I like some things about the equal rights for woman movement.  I totally believe that women should be able to vote.  Women should be paid the same wages for their work.  It is true that in many situations a woman has to be better at something than her male counterparts to be considered equal.  I experienced that when I was in High School and in College.  It may seem like a silly example to you, but when I was in school, I was a drummer.  In some areas, this has changed, but often girl drummers are not the norm.  I remember a specific example where we were practicing a cadence that my male section leader had written.  He told me it was difficult.  As we were sight reading it, right as we came to the "difficult" part, he stopped everyone.  I was a punk, and I kept going.  The look of shock on his face when he saw that I could play this part was hilarious.  He couldn't even play it.  He figured he would have to water it down to make it playable for me.  HA!  This particular gentleman had been less than kind to me, voicing his opinion that girls aren't meant to play drums.  I knew he thought less of me and my skills because I was female.  Once I showed him that I was actually better than he was, he started treating me with respect.  That entire situation was just wrong!

But the Church is NOT treating woman without respect!  Men who truly honor the Priesthood treat woman as more than their equals.  I DO NOT need to be ordained to the Priesthood to be equal to a man.  And, lets think about this really... Can a man use the Priesthood to bless himself?  No.  So, as a woman, when I already give all of myself to my family, teaching them, trying to care for them, often sacrificing myself... why in the world would I want another responsibility?  Why give me something else that adds pressure, that doesn't even benefit me?  Some people may be saying, "But, Paily, having the Priesthood totally benefits the man!  They have an extra measure of the Spirit when they exercise the Priesthood power."  Heavenly Father is not sexist.  Yes, he gave the men a job that woman don't have.  They are not entitled to extra spiritual experiences because of it!  A loving Heavenly Father will never limit my ability to feel the Holy Ghost.  Only I can do that.

It is interesting to note, that the article mentions that in factions of the LDS church woman have the Priesthood.  I'm sorry, but if you are looking at people that fell away from the Church as an example of what the body of the Church should be doing... You are probably looking at in the wrong place.  Don't you think if they were doing everything right that they would be part of us?

And, let's not forget, Woman can fight for equality all they want, but we will NEVER be the same as Men.  Men will never be the same as Women.

Honestly, not having the Priesthood has done a lot for me.  It has greatly benefited my marriage.  I was 26 when I got married.  I had been living basically on my own for years.  I was working to provide for myself, taking care of myself, and doing anything I wanted to do.  When I met and married my sweet Hod, those attitudes didn't change.  He often felt like I didn't need him.  Men want to feel needed, just as Women do.  He realized that I had more education than he did, I could get a better paying job, I was used to doing it all.  There was one thing I couldn't do for myself.  And that was anything that involved the Priesthood.  Having something that I had to go to him for strengthened our relationship.

Men and Woman are meant to be equal partners.  We are both needed.  If I too held the Priesthood, then I would need my husband for little more than his ability to get me pregnant.  (Sorry if it is crude, but it is true.)  Most woman who have had children will tell you that there is something so sacred about the experience.  Yes, it hurts and is agonizing at the same time, but during and right after the births of my two girls I have never felt closer to God.  Is God sexist because he has allowed me to experience this, and he doesn't let men?  NO!  I am not saying that childbirth is equal to the Priesthood.  What I am saying is, we have different jobs.  We have different responsibilities.  That does not make us less than equal.

I lived in Western New York for 18 months.  During that time I was able to attend the Hill Cummorah Pageant.  This is a commonly protested event.  People that think they know better stand there and try to get things to change.  My first year going to the pageant we parked across the street from the pageant.  We had to walk through all of the protesters to get there.  I will always remember the feeling of confusion and anxiety I felt walking through them.  But then, as I was able to walk onto dedicated ground, I was filled with the Spirit of the Lord.  It left no question in my mind of the truth.  Protesting is not the way of the Lord.  Maybe if you are looking for the Lord to change, you should change.  Remember Jonah in the Bible?  The Lord asked him to do something, and thinking he knew better he did what he wanted.  That didn't work out to well for him, did it?

One last question for those who think Women need the Priesthood.  Why do they need it?  I understand some woman want it, but do they NEED it?  We need to learn to differentiate between our wants and needs.  I often think I know what I need.  Thankfully Heavenly Father doesn't listen to me, and instead gives me what I really need.

If you have questions, take it to the Lord.  But don't throw a fit trying to get your own way.


Caryn said...

I totally agree with you 100%. What's even more interesting to note is that holding the Priesthood is a HUGE responsibility, and the only way to actually "benefit" from it as a Priesthood holder, is to be completely worthy. Just because a man is ordained to the Priesthood doesn't make him worthy to use it, and if he's not worthy to use it, he doesn't get any extra blessings. In fact, he's held accountable for not being worthy, and the consequences are incredibly severe. Personally, I don't want that kind of responsibility. I have enough to do as a wife and mother in the Church!

Grandma Nelson said...

Well Said sweet daughter! As I think of all the times my life has been blessed by the Priesthood, I am so grateful to have in my life. I'm also REALLY grateful to be a mom. To have both in my life is almost to wonderful to believe.

Happy Mom said...

I'm with you, sis!!!

They talked about the "heartbreaking" story with Sister Monson, but she didn't seem to feel the need to protest and demand to have the priesthood afterward.

Leann Nelson said...

I don't know how I missed these posts but I also wanted to say I feel the same way as you, you just seem to put it so well. I'm SOOO glad for the testimony I have!