Friday, January 18, 2013


Hey friends!

Just a quick update on us:

#2 is doing well and making me just a little crazy. Her heartbeat is very strong, her kicks and wiggles are visible from across the room, and she seems to want to stay for the long haul.  Despite the regular contractions I have (we are taking 5 min apart for 3-5 hours, 4-6 days a week) she is still sitting super high and I am only dialated to a 2.  That really is fine seeing as I am only 36 weeks.  It is just funny to me because at this point with #1 I was at a 4.  However if this girl will stay a few more weeks and be a champion sleeper then I say go for it!  She also has really poppy joints.  It is strange to see/feel her move and hear her pop.  She makes me happy.

As for me, I'm just super pregnant and having to depend on Hod a lot.  When I get on the floor to change a diaper it may take me 10 min to get the energy to get off of the floor, but oh well.  I am becoming an expert on functioning through contractions.  #1 is not a fan of contractions and tends to hit my stomach with a concerned look.

Hod is rocking it at work.  He is also working on finding the lost sheep in our ward.  He does a great job balancing everything and dealing with the crazy needy girls in his life.  He has also become quite skilled at painting my toenails.  I'm pretty spoiled.

#1 is hanging in there.  She seems a little stressed as we get closer to my due date.  As we work hard to give her the attention she needs she is so sweet.  She still isn't walking, and that stresses me out.  Not that I'm worried about development, I'm just worried about having to carry 2 kids around.  It is fun to watch her personality grow more.  Her smiles just melt my heart!

And a few random pictures: a few of #1, and at the risk of copying my sister, a silly picture of me with the new haircut I got right before Christmas.


Laree said...

now that's an attractive face!

I wouldn't have thought you were copying if it hadn't been for those lips!

Grandma Nelson said...

#1 is adorable. She is growing up so much and as Dr. Hyde told me about L5, she will walk on her own timetable. I think I like the haircut, but it was a little hard to see and to imagine it with your real face.

Miss Nelson said...

Love the pics!! Miss you!

Happy Mom said...

She's so stinking adorable!! Hang in there sis!