Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lesson Learned

We have lived in our new apartment for just over 3 months. We decided to move those 1200 miles only 4 months ago.  Many of you know why we moved, but we recently found something out that makes this move seem even more right. 

Hod used to be an assistant manager for American Eagle Outfitters in Utah.  He quite liked his job and the people he worked with.  Then one day he was told that he just wasn't cutting it and that he needed to look for another job.  So he looked and looked all over Utah.  Nothing.  We knew we were on borrowed time. Eventually they would find a replacement and we would lose our income and insurance.  After much fasting and prayer the state of our current residence popped into my head. Hod had been applying for jobs all over the country but nothing here. He hadn't gotten anywhere with the other applications, so knowing he had nothing to lose he started applying here.  Within 2 weeks he had multiple interviews and a job offer.  This job came with a raise, better insurance... and most importantly it was a paying job.  Putting our faith in what we felt were answers to prayers we quickly packed, shocked our families with the news of moving so far away and left.  Life has been pretty good since we got here. Yes, I have days where I just really miss my family.  One of my favorite moments of my time here is when one sister called me just to chat for fun.  I miss chatting.  With the lame depression I get while pregnant I have spent a lot of time feeling down and alone.  I can't tell you how many times #1 has done something strange and I wished I could show my Mom to get her opinion.  But here we are. 

And this is where we should be.  For Christmas Hod got a gift card to American Eagle for some new jeans (he sold his old ones to help pay for things to get us out here).  His shopping experience left something to be desired and he called his old store to tell them he missed their great customer service.  He found out that his old store is closing in less than 2 weeks.  They are trying to find places for people to work, but there aren't any open manager spots to be found.  Had we not moved we would be stuck in that situation.  As it is, Hod is enjoying his job, he is working in a company that has growth, we have a stable income, we have insurance, and we are making it.

I often miss Utah, but I am glad that we were able to move here and avoid the situation of losing a job.  As it is, Hod had only one week where he was unemployed.  We spent that week driving here.

How blessed we feel that we were able to follow the direction of the Lord and be able to take care of ourselves.


Sarah said...

Love this. It's such a comforting feeling to see the hand of the Lord in guiding your life, even if it's in retrospect.

You guys are awesome!

Grandma Nelson said...

Yes you are! But you are still too far away for this grandma.