Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Opinions Of The Masses

Today Hod and I were able to find out the gender of #2.  Pretty much everyone and their pet dolphin has been guessing that this little one is a boy.  I'm carrying this pregnancy different, my morning sickness has been completely different, and everyone just has this feeling.  One of Hod's Aunts has even started telling everyone that we are having a boy.

Well, the results are in!

Everyone (including me and Hod) was wrong!  We are very surprised.  I'm not sure why we all thought it was a boy, but this kid is very much a girl.  Hod is now having nightmares about the teen years when we are all PMS-ing at the same time.  I think he and my Dad could bond a bit.  Pfft, let's be honest, I'm not looking forward to the teen years.  I was raised with 2 sisters who are just under 12 months apart, and that was a bit scary.  One sister was just mad at the world, and the other cried a lot.  It was a bad combination.  But it didn't last too long, and now they are great friends.

Hod's Mom is very excited.  My Mom... well she isn't answering her phone... I'll keep trying, but just in case, "Hey, Mom, it's a girl!"

At least we don't have to put a boy in our very girly car seat :)

We better find some girl names.  Good thing we have another 20 weeks to pick one... well, at least narrow it down.


Sadie Freeman said...

Ahhhh! I can't tell you how excited I am for you! I hope the rest of this pregnancy goes extremely well for you and you continue to feel joy. #1 is going to be a great big sister! Congratulations again.

Leann Nelson said...

Oh yeah for new babies whatever their gender!! Love you guys!

Miss Nelson said...

Hooray!!! So excited for you!

Happy Mom said...

Congrats!!! Clothes will be a breeze with this one!