Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Missing From My Life

Today I drove my sister L5 to the airport.  On the way home I was listening to my iPod with her transmitter.  As I rounded a corner I heard an OLD commercial.  I figured that I had just hit an actual radio station for a second. However, upon further inspection, I discovered that I actually owned this song.  Hidden under the title of "Me and My Shadow" by Frank Sinatra was this:

I couldn't believe it.  What was even stranger was when I discovered that I have supposedly listened to this "song" 13 times on my computer.  I have no memory of hearing it once.  Well, not since the 80's.  So, if any of you have some Zestfully Clean needs, I can hook you up with the song.

Probably one of the most random discoveries in my life.

1 comment:

Miss Nelson said...

So Aubs figured it out! She used that jingle for the pumpkin walk, and you helped her get it. :)