Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's About "X"

Anyone who has ever been in a math class past the 8th grade (OK, so I realize this is getting younger, but that's when I was in Algebra.) knows that it is all about X.  You spend hours, days, years trying to find the value for X.  What does it mean?  What does it stand for?  What is its value?  It's all about X.

Then we look at genetics, and it can be about X or Y.  (Congrats to my sister who just found out that it's all about her little Y coming to meet us in another 18ish weeks!)  My house, it's still all about X.  We focus a lot on #1.  But whose X is that?

Most people think #1 looks more like me.  She has my nose, my mouth, my eyes, and my toes.  But she had Hod's chin, lips, hairline, eyelashes, and cheeks.  (I LOVE those cheeks!)  She's a pretty good mix.

Or so I thought.

I have been naive.  In my mind, I'm the girl, I'm all about the X, so of course #1 would be just like me.  But I tell you what, Hod has some great genetics that are busting to the front.

For example, check out this:
Do you see that?  No?  Oh, did I mention that the clothes my FIVE month old is wearing right here are sized 9-12 months?!?  Yeah, you heard me.  Ok, so they are a little big, but not by much!  I'm only 5'2", so I know she didn't get the height from me.  OH, AND pardon me, while I climb up on this soapbox here...

WHY is it impossible to find modest baby clothes?  It is not ok for a 15 year old to wear things that don't cover her booty, so why is it ok for my baby?  People argue that it's different, but I don't really see it.  And how am I supposed to convince my teenage daughter that she needs to be modest, if she can look at baby pictures of when I was picking her clothes and she's not covered?  Yes, I realize that little dresses come with a diaper cover.  So, are you saying that I can wear just a long-ish shirt if I wear something barely bigger than a pair of panties with it?  I don't think so.

OK... Moving on.

#1 also inherited Hod's ... well, I  don't know what to call it.  Hod has a special digestion skill.  He can eat very little, and somehow seem to get all of the nutrients needed.  (he can also eat a ton and not gain weight.)  According to the "experts" #1 should be eating a lot more than she is.  However, she is in the 90% for height, and 70% for weight.  So, despite my fear that she doesn't eat enough... I guess she is.

It seems that one of the only things she got from my X is her inability to sleep.  Yeah... I wish I had kept that one to myself.


Leann Nelson said...

Wherever she got her X and Y's she is darn cute! The picture made me giggle a little bit! Love you guys!

Miss Nelson said...

Love the pic! Hooray for tall X genes!

Laree said...

One of the best things about having a baby is that gut feeling you have to learn to trust. #1 is growing great - forget what the experts say. She's healthy. End of story!

I've got one better for you on size. Monday Lil wore an outfit that girly-Whirl and Girly-Lou both wore the year they turned FOUR!!

As for your rant: one thing know is that "easter" and "christmas" dresses tend to be "dressier", and therfore longer. Why, I have NO idea, but it's true. Other than that, we buy lots of dresses with ties. That way the can wear a dress that's 3 sizes too big around but perfect length wise.

Shorts are an entierly diffrent matter. We try to stick with capris or cut off pants to the right length!

Grandma Nelson said...

I could just say ditto to all of the above, but have to add my own CHEER for adorable grandchildren.

Lesley said...

A thought on infant modesty:
A super short dress might be appropriate for the same reason that BYU allows dancers, cheerleaders, and swimmers to wear uniforms that are normally not acceptable. The clothing has to be appropriate and safe for the activity. A little girl trying to crawl in a dress that is long enough to be "modest" could run into some problems. Adding some leggings or tights underneath might help her be more covered and still mobile. (Or putting her in a long dress could keep her less mobile when you don't want to chase her.)