Thursday, March 1, 2012

Judge If You Must

A few weeks ago, #1 stopped eating.  Before that, she was just barely eating the minimum recommended amount for her weight. This worried me.  Especially since we had just taken her off the extra calorie formula.  She has been growing ok, but she can't keep her pants up.  Though, that could be because she's super tall.  (Just barely 4 months, but she's been in 6 month clothes for a while.  Because she is so long, people in stores stop me to tell me that she's too skinny.)  And then she stopped eating.

I did some research, and found out lots of babies have this problem at this age for a few reasons.  Often, this means that the babe is ready for the next flow of bottle nipples.  This kind of surprised me, cause #1 was already on a higher flow than normal.  So we tried it.  And it didn't really help.  It could also be teething.  But she still has to eat!

Then I found another suggestion: sometimes this is a sign that baby may be ready for solids.  WHAT? She wasn't even 4 months.  Yes, she was showing a lot of signs that she could be ready, but what about 6 months?  Ok, I wasn't sure we had to wait that long, but I didn't want to rush things.

Out of other options I decided to try it.  And it looked something like this:  
(Dude! What is this stuff on my face?)

But, after eating the little bit she did, she was willing to eat more of her bottle.  

The next day, we tried it again, only a little thicker, and she ate even more.  And again the next day, she ate more again.  Fast forward to today.  She would NOT take her bottle, but I could tell she was hungry.  She devoured it.  I have a cereal loving baby!

So, here's the deal.  She's eating again.  She's napping better.  She's having easier and more regular messy diapers.  And everyone else can judge, but I'm a believer!

And just for fun, here's some more pictures:

I gave up on pacifiers.  She now hates them, and is obsessed with her fists.

I asked Hod to watch #1 one morning so I could shower, and came back to this.  I think she is saying, "Kay, Mom, I watched Dad for you, but he was kind of boring."

Being a mom is pretty fun.


Miss Nelson said...

That's awesome! Hooray for solids, and an eating baby! Love the pics!

Leann Nelson said...

I totally would not judge! Isn't that part of life? Doing the things that are best for each of us regardless of what society thinks? I love the picture of her watching dad!! Love you guys lots!

Diana said...

Good for you for determining what is right for your baby and not deciding that what "others" say must be correct. Each child has its one time table. My #1 ate food much earlier than #2.

Laree said...

I'm all for feeding a kid when they are ready for it!

And as far as that whole thickening cereal stuff - it's REDICULOUS how thin they say to make it for the first few feedings. My kids WON'T eat it that way. So with 'Lil I didn't do it. I just made it a nice mushy consistancy. She loved it from day one!

Your girl is getting so big!

Grandma Nelson said...

It's interesting how the "professional" keep changing what is "best" for babies at what age. Having raised babies over a very long span of time, I heard all kinds of advice. Some of it worked, some definitely did not. You're right to find what works best for your baby. Who, by the way, is adorable and looking bright and healthy

Happy Mom said...

We used to start feeding them rice cereal at 2 weeks--per doctors advice!

Cute pics!

Alicia Yvonne said...

LOVE the last picture of her and Hod! Owen is the same way with pacifiers. He sucks on his middle and ring finger so it looks like he's signing "I love you" :)