Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Perfect Storm

Isn't that the name of a book or something?  About how everything lines up just perfectly to make everything wrong?

Well, that's not what I mean today.

I really quite like snow.  However, last winter I lived in the frigid north, and I didn't love the snow.  Once it snowed in early November, it was cloudy, slick, cold and wet through most of March.  After three months all snow should be banished to the North Pole.  No, really, they like it up there.  It helps hide Santa's workshop.

Anyway, though I live in a place known for "The Greatest Snow on Earth" (just ask the licence plates) we haven't had any snow yet.  That made for a very brown Christmas, but with all of the traveling I was doing, I was actually quite grateful.

But last night it snowed!  And it was done snowing before 8:00 AM.  So then the snowplows were all out doing their business.  Just after 9 I went to the store, and the roads were decent.  But then, the sun came out! And then the roads were great!  And the world looked beautiful!  And we didn't have to die cause of dangerous conditions.

It was perfect.

So, here's to you, Mr. Perfect Snow Storm.  Please come again.

Oh, and in other news, I cut my hair.  I'm still working with the styling, but today it looked like this:
(Please ignore all post pregnancy blemishes... I feel like a teenager)

AND today I made a Cafe Rio Sweet Pork Salad knock off.  And it was pretty darn good.

Pintrest.  It teaches you great things.


Ricky and Sara Johnson said...

You look great! We also don't have any snow. Miss you tons friend!!

Grandma Nelson said...

I miss you too. The winter world is prettier with snow and if the roads are good, that's the best of both worlds. Love you all.

Happy Mom said...

#1's picture on the right is just making me happy! She's just beautiful!

That's a happy haircut!