Friday, January 13, 2012

Digital Can Be A Bummer

I've always been a bit camera happy.  This was a problem growing up.  If I got a hold of a camera, you could be sure the film would be all used up in a matter of minutes.  I remember getting my very own camera.  It was red, and had no back til you put the film in it.  It was the COOLEST thing ever.  My dear sweet Mom had a hard time finding the balance between keeping me in film and throwing her money down the drain because most of my pictures were worthless.

Then came digital.  I was a bit slow at being able to get on the bandwagon, but it rocked my knee-highs.  I could take all the pictures I wanted without it being a waste!  Life had joy.  (Well, for lots of reasons life had joy, this was just one more.)

And now, I am blessed to have a beautiful daughter.  (Just go with me, I'll connect it in a minute)  She is so wonderful.  She has started this thing that when she smiles and she really means it, one side is much bigger than the other.  In fact, one side will get so big that she has to close her eye.  This result in the CUTEST wink/smile face that I have ever seen in my life.  I can't help but smile and laugh when she does this.

But, I can't get a picture of it.  Every time I try the digital delay misses it.  The wink/smile never lasts very long.  And every digital camera that I can afford has just enough delay that I can't seem to catch it.  It really is such a bummer.

Oh, digital.  Such a fickle friend.


Laree said...

don't worry - just like EVERY FREAKIN thing about being a Mommy, taking awesome pictures of your kids has a learning curve too. You'll get there!

Happy Mom said...

You'll catch it one of these days.