Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Best Invention EVER!

I've tried pretty hard to not be a super needy pregnant lady.  There are SO many things out there for ladies "with child" and I feel I've done a decent job of going without.  Honestly, half of the inventions are lame.  There are some things, like maternity cloths, that just weren't optional.  Hod also splurged once and bought me some of the best lotion ever.  Seriously, it's so smooth, and soft, and smells good, and isn't oily, and makes it so my ever growing body doesn't itch.  However, I learned that if you leave it in your car for 5 hours, and it gets hot, then it turns into putty and is no longer usable.  Luckily, the lady at the store likes us, so when I mentioned it, she offered to exchange it.  Yes!

Anyway, this post was not meant to be about my lotion.  (But it really is amazing.)  For the past month, I have found that by morning I am excited to get out of bed.  Not because I'm rested, but because my hips hurt so dang bad!  Most days I would limp around for about an hour and then it would stop hurting.  I tried to be positive about it, I mean, you're just supposed to be in a lot of pain when you're pregnant, right?  But it just got too bad.  When I spent an entire day limping, and wincing with every step I took, I decided it was time to do something.

Hod came home from work, and I told him, we were going to the store.  I had needs, and I was done sucking it up.  We came home with this:
Only mine is much cuter, cause it has a "reversible" pillow case.  (It's not really reversible, as they so willingly advertised.  The fabric on the front is different than the fabric on the back.  If that's really reversible, then I'm a monkey.)

I am amazed at the difference a body pillow can make!  Most maternity pillows are super expensive, but this wasn't.  And now I can sleep!  And some mornings I even wake up feeling rested!  It is the best invention ever!  I love it!  So, today is celebrate the greatness that is a body pillow.  Go ahead, party your own way, but just party.  Because this has changed my life!


Caryn Allen said...

Oh yeah, girl! Pillows between the legs (or under your knees if you're on your back) are the BEST for back pain!

Kaylee said...

I think I'll party in a very appropriate way by hugging my giant, fluffy, purple body billow extra tight in honor of you. :) Yay for sleeping!

Diana said...

I actually let maternity clothes be option - one shirt and one dress. However, I did decide the body pillow - not optional. Four plus years later, I would probably still use it, but my younger son stole it from me.

Sadie said...

Pillows are a must! I remember when I was pregnant with Brenden I was surrounded with pillows, I probably had about 4 to myself. One for my head, one for my legs, one for my back, and one for my ever growing tummy.

By the way, you are such a cute pregnant lady! You're almost there.