Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Once I had a family member tell me about a friend who wanted to be a cartoon character.  To further his likeness of a cartoon character he bought 5 of the same shirt, and multiples of the same of pair of pants.  This way he was able to wear the same looking cloths every day, just like most Saturday morning cartoon characters.

Well, Mr. Friend.  I think I am starting to beat you.  Check this out:

I'm not sure why it goes into slow motion.  However, just as Pooh bear's tummy noticeably moves when he's hungry, my tummy moves too!  That would be Paily Jr. saying Hi.  It sometimes startles me how much my belly moves!  But it's pretty great!

(PS, I am well on my way to developing another cartoon-y trait.  I'll tell you about it when it happens.  You should totally be excited!)

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