Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Can I Please Plan?

About a week ago, Hod and I made a decision.  You see, we have been living with my parents to save on rent.  We are so grateful to them.  However, we kind of want our own place.  Mom and Dad have been so good to us, and they have let us take over the basement so we can have our own space.  But, we still have to coordinate with my parents a lot.  That really isn't a big deal, I just don't love having to do it.  I guess maybe that's part of being an adult: I just don't want to have to depend so much on my parents.  So, even though I've loved spending time with my parents, we're ready to move on.

Hod and I decided that it was time to move out.  We decided to stay in this area.  Hod got a new job so he could support our family, and I got a part time summer job.  We both started working this week.  Yesterday we went and found an apartment, filled out the application, payed the fee, all that jazz.  I was SO excited!  We had a plan!  We knew what we were doing for the next 12 months at least.  There was joy in my heart.

Then while I was at work, Hod got a call asking him to come interview for a job about 50 miles away.  Hod REALLY wants this job.  It would be in a great environment (which he may or may not have now... he just started his new job today), it would be something he would enjoy (unlike the job he took to support our family), and he would never have to work on a Sunday (also something not currently an option).

Why must this happen just when I'm planning?  I mean, really!  A month ago, I was moving to Florida.  Then in the course of 48 hours we discovered that we weren't supposed to go.  We had no where to live, so my parents kindly took us in.  So we made a new plan, and less than 4 hours later, that plan my be over.  I'm all about trying to follow the Lord, but I'm getting tired!  I want to PLAN!

Ok, sorry to complain.  But there are some things I need to figure out.  For example, I would really like to get a Doctor.  Jr is growing.  I can tell cause my tummy is growing and I'm losing weight.  Not a lot, don't be worried.  I've lost about 5 lbs in just over a month.  I just get nervous.  I don't know what is normal for me.  I've never been this pregnant before.  I would love for a doctor to tell me that everything is fine.  Part of me knows that it's all good, but I still get nervous.  If you don't know where you're going to live, it makes it really hard to get a doctor.

Overall, life really is good.  I just have this intense need to plan!


Kenyon and Jeannette Petersen said...

Hey lady! Keep your chin up! Hopefully it all starts working out right! Also if you end up staying in Logan I again highly recommend my doctor! He's great! And for the record I lost weight at the beginning of my pregnancy too and totally understand the worry! You guys have great faith and I know you'll muster through!

Happy Mom said...

Vent away girl!

Let us know how it works out.

(love your baby countdown!)

Alicia Yvonne said...

right there with you on the planning.... it's not exactly possible for me either! The good thing was that I planned to have the baby born in Texas, so I got a doctor in Houston, but that's really the only thing I've been able to plan. We're both planners, and it can get incredibly frustrating and stressful when we can't plan anything! I love you and hope it gets better for you soon!