Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Never Thought I'd Say This...

I grew up in a house with 4 other women.  This means that for about 1 week a month, my Dad tried to work extra hours cause his house was full of crazy hormonal females.  And we were all very different.  One sister cried a lot, one sister yelled a lot, one sister just looked ticked all the time, and my dear Mom tried to be patient with all of us while she was feeling a bit emotional as well.  (Ok, it probably wasn't that bad, but as a young teen, it was rough!)  I was always the snappy one.  I'd be all happy and fine, and then someone would tell me they liked my blue shoes better than my red ones and I'd snap!  It was no good.

Not every month was bad.  Sometimes I was totally fine.  And after almost 16 years of this monthly occurrence  (yeah, do the math, don't you feel bad for me?)  I feel like I had all PMS symptoms fairly under control.  I'm sure Hod would admit some months weren't the best, but comparatively, I thought I did well.

I'm sad to say, I want the PMS back.

Oh, did I mention that I shouldn't have PMS for another 33 weeks?  That's because my family is growing!  Hod and I are very excited.

However, through this, I really would like the PMS back.  And let me tell you why.  When I realized I was being ornery and dumb, I knew it was going to be over in a few days.  This hormonal orneryness is going to go on for quite a while.  Don't get me wrong, after the last pregnancy that ended in heartbreak and surgery, I am SO glad to be going through this.  That is why I have been able to smile while I am throwing up.  This is such a blessing.  But some days I just plain can't control the ornery!  And it's over the dumbest things!  For example, Hod called me tonight to tell me he was off of work.  I like to talk to him, and I like to know when he leaves so I can know when he should be home so I can start worrying.  We are currently not living in the same house (but only for 3 more days!!!!!!!!) but I still like him to call me.  I am living with my parents, and they live in a black hole of really bad cell phone service.  So, Hod calls me, and I can't hear him.  I hang up, and grab my parent's home phone.  It has free long distance, and then I don't have to worry about losing contact with my dear hubby.  Before I could start dialing, Hod called me back on my cell. 

There is nothing wrong with that.  I mean, really, Hod was trying to talk to me, because he knows that I miss him.  And yet, the anger that welled up inside of me because he hadn't waited for me to call him on the land line (which I hadn't told him I was going to do) is completely crazy.  The good news is, I calmed down quickly.  But why am I angry?  Because of all of the STUPID (and by stupid I mean hard for me to handle, and yet SO great because that means I am making a baby, and if you listen to the old wives tales it means Jr is healthy) hormones raging through my body.

All I know, is after November, Hod should get some sort of reward for dealing with me.  I hope I get this under control.  Seriously, friends.  It's bad enough that I tick myself off when I get mad.  That's just asking for a never ending cycle of annoyance.  So, thanks Hod, for dealing with the crazy that is your wife.  Hopefully the normal Paily will come back in about 7 more months.


Caryn Allen said...

With the first pregnancy, your hormones are CRAZY! You're so not ready for the fluctuation and it totally grabs a hold of you. The second time around, it's better (at least for me it's been that way). I still have my crazy lady moments. It's good that you recognize it, though. For the longest time I thought I was still the same person until Artene pointed out how nutso I had become! Hahaha! Hang in there, girl!

Happy Mom said...

Congrats Sis!!!! It's so worth the hormones and the bowing to the porcelin god!

I'm tickled for you both!

Laree said...

Can I be the bearer of bad news? For me at least, Post pregnancy hormones are even worse.

Seriosly. Trying to get those CRAZY hormone levels back to "normal"? NIGHTMARISH!!! Add lack of sleep and seriously painfully body . . . .

I'm so excited for you two. It really is all worth the insanity!

Reesa said...

So completely excited for you! I've been blog stalking you for awhile . . . hope that's okay! But seriously, so excited for you and Hod! What you need to do is channel that orneriness to the people that you have been wanting to tell off. Seriously, you'll feel tons better. Odds are, someone needs to tell them off, so it might as well be the pregnant woman!