Friday, April 8, 2011

Seriously, Dudes?

With the great blessing of Jr taking a lengthly vacation in my uterus, (Ok, actually what Jr is doing is pretty hard work.) I have come upon a few challenges.  One of the more difficult has been prenatal vitamins.

After about 1 week of taking them, my body decided it was done.  It suddenly became impossible for me to swallow them.  If by some miracle I could get them to start the journey down my esophagus, before it's journey was complete, it would make a mad dash for freedom.  It didn't matter what time of day I took them, or the status of my stomach, all attempts ended in me running for the nearest bathroom.

So, we had to think outside of the box.  I've never been great at swallowing pills, so I wondered if chew-ables would work.  We bought some, and the very clear answer was that, no, they would never work for me.  I couldn't even try to swallow them before I was having violent reactions.

Back to the drawing board.  I discovered liquid prenatal vitamins.  These can be mixed with any liquid, and according to reviews, when mixed with juice, you couldn't even taste them.  Desperate for anything to help my baby form in a healthy way, I ordered some.

And then I waited.  And started checking labels.  Did you know that there are many cereals that have a ton of folic acid?  Because cereal and I have formed a great bond, and as of now, it is the one food that my body has never rejected, it became my main staple.  However, I have been SO tired!  I wondered if it was because I still wasn't getting enough of the right nutrients, and the few I have been getting were being stolen from me, and being used by Jr.

Then today, my vitamins came!  I was very excited.  So I opened the bottle, and I wasn't too impressed with the smell.  Being pregnant, I am quite sensitive to smells.  However, I have learned how to plug my nose.  Because I haven't found a way to "plug" my taste buds, good flavor is quite important to me.  I was quite eager to see if the liquid vitamin would hold up with all of the reviews.  I got my spoon so I could measure it and mix it in my juice.  I grabbed the bottle and started trying to pour it out.  I was greeted with a dark green, very thick, slime.


I mean, Hello!!! Do you really think that a woman who has turned to liquid prenatals is going to have a positive reaction to the possibility of eating slime?  What were they thinking?

Really, though, I had no choice.  It is not a perfect science yet, because it didn't really dissolve in my juice, so I had one very slime like swallow.  However, I can proudly say that I drank my vitamin over 30 minutes ago, and it is still inside of me.  This is a breakthrough.  But, I'm still not happy that I'm eating slime.


Aubrey's Outlet said...

I am so proud of you!! Way to keep that slime where it belongs!!

Anonymous said...

When I was pregnant and getting sick from my pre natal vitamins, my OB/GYN let me take children's vitamins. It was the only thing I could keep down. My sister had to do the same thing. Here's hoping the slime stays where it belongs.

Happy Mom said...

What a prenatal adventure!! (sometimes if we call it that we can forget, if only for a minute that it's frustrating!!--but worth it!)

Alicia Yvonne said...

they have gummy prenatal vitamins you can take... and yes the flintstones vitamins are just as good!