Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Beginning of All Things Ultimately Lame

Greetings fellow Bucket-eers.

If you check the countdown in my right hand side bar, you will see that I have just over 2 months before Hod and I will be married for eternity.  I am SO stinkin' excited.  I am also very attached.  Seriously.  Monday night, I had this horrible dream.  Hod died, and there was a bad man coming after me trying to do bad things.  It was no good and I woke up in a very foul mood.  Well, part of that was the dream, part of that was the fact that I was getting up so stinkin' early cause a girl at work quit, so I had to cover her shift, but it's also good, cause now Hod is working my shifts, and we get to work together, and now we may actually have enough money that some days we can eat food other than Ramen.  Uh... Yeah, I digress.

Because in my dream dear Hod died, I realized that I love this man more than I thought I could.  It's kind of crazy.  Really folks, this is some super lame, crazy intense kind of love.  Not like a creepy kind of crazy.  I haven't blown up pictures of him and taped his face to my teddy bear.  I just really love him.  I assume that all of you married friends understand what I'm saying.  As for the rest of you... just trust me.

Where was I going with this?  Yeah, I'm not sure either.  I guess to show my true devotion... or not really for that reason, here are some of our favorite engagements.  They were taken by L5.  She has some serious skills.


Grandma Nelson said...

I don't know if I have any say in which pictures you choose, but if you care I pick 3, 5, 7 &8. Yes I know they are all dressy. One of the brethren once said when seeing an invitation picture in casual clothes, "I think if it is a temple wedding, it should look like a temple wedding. Love you both.

Happy Mom said...

Just adorable pictures!! I didn't know that L5 took them!!! She could start charging!!!

I'm tickled for you sis!! And that love your feeling -- it just gets better and better!

Laura said...

hey sis... I love the pics! I love that you are experiencing that real love! I am also asking.... do you need any more help? Keep me in mind! I would love to do more!!!

Dave said...

Just so you know, your countdown says until I say "I do" but you are actually supposed to say "Yes".