Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oh The Wisdom

Hello fellow bucketteers.  Oh, I like that one.

So, I have a Mom.  She's pretty great.  She has taught me a lot of things.  I remember back in the day when I lived at home, that when she would run the dishwasher, she would never let it go through the dry cycle.  I never knew why.  I just assumed it was because that took a lot of energy and we were trying to save money where we could.  It made sense to me.  Maybe that really was the whole reason, but I wonder if there was something else involved.

You see, I live in an apartment with some pretty amazing girls.  (Hey, yo's!)  All of us have lived on our own for a large number of years, and we have mad skills at some pretty simple things.  For example, we can all load the dishwasher.  And yet, sometimes in my life, while living with girls with mad dishwasher loading skills, there has been a mishap.  During the great and powerful washing cycle, things shift just wrong and land on the heating coil. Then when it goes to dry, your house ends up smelling so bad you get a major headache and then stay up blogging instead of sleeping cause your head is spinning.  It's a total bummer.

Though, when I think about it, I don't remember this ever happening in my house growing up.  Not only does not using the power heat dry cycle save power, but if something does shift, it won't burn up, or melt down causing the worst smell known to man to take over every inch of the apartment, invading your nostrils and everything you thought to be good smelling and pretty.

The great wisdom of Mom's.

On other news, I spent today doing absolutely nothing.  Wedding plans are coming along great.  Though, with work and planning all day every day is super crazy booked for me.  So, dear Hod was willing to give up some of his time and do nothing with me today.  I think this is the first nothing day I have had in over a month. I am very aware that once I'm married nothing days will forever be gone, so I need to take advantage as I can.  Spending most of the day sitting in your pajamas, eating waffles, and watching Duck Tales.  What more could a girl ask for?  So, dear Hod, Thank you for spending the day doing nothing.  I could do nothing with you forever and be happy.  Ok, not true, I have to much ADD for that.  But for today, it was great.  I love you sir.  (Yes, I realize that is super lame.  No one forced you to read it..)


Laree said...

I rarely have a problem with things landing on the heating coils (partly because I try to not let it go through the heat cycle too!) But our dishwasher has like crazy heat if it's on heated dry. As in, it melts plastic NOT touching anything else. We've got some awesome oval shaped lids now. Fun frisbees, not so fun for leftovers.

Grandma Nelson said...

I also felt that glasses air dryed better than with the heat. Less spots, so all those things were part of that decision. Enjoy your do nothing day I'm going to have some of those when we get home from our mission (if I can remember how) and after the wedding.