Sunday, April 18, 2010

A New Name

Dear Friends!

So... life's been interesting.  Here's the story.  I am officially 100% done with Scuttle.  We had a very nice chat yesterday, and we both had come to the same conclusion.  I truly hope that we can be dear friends, because I will always care about him.  He has some amazing qualities.

But on to the next part of life... I have a new friend now.  He is actually one of Scuttle's friends.  (Oh the scandal!)  We like each other and have decided to date.  He is such a good man.  He treats me like a queen, honors his Priesthood, and makes me laugh a lot.  Good times, yo.  The only problem is:  what do I call him?  Before Scuttle, I would talk about scuttles.  I thought that just making it a real name was a great idea.  But now what do I do?  Do I just pretend Scuttle the 1st never happened so I can call Scuttle the 2nd, Scuttle?  That just seems confusing.  And I don't really want to pretend Scuttle the 1st never happened, cause there were some great times.  But Scuttle the 2nd just takes too long.  So here are some options:

Brazier: it seems like a cool name... but it's also a way that I would probably try to spell an item of women's clothing.

Hod:  Simple, easy to spell, but makes me think of HUD.  That's a word that L7 got me saying that is kind of the equivalent of Blast... so it may be a bad idea.

Cask:  One of my favorite options, but it is usually used to hold alcoholic drinks.  That does put a damper on it.  So, what do you think?  Any good ideas?  I'm totally open to other suggestions.

Thanks, yo's.



Laree said...

Go for hod - just train yourself to think of "hot" instead of "hud". It works better with cute guys that way (and why haven't you called me to chat about your new "friend"? I want details girl!)

Happy Mom said...

I like Hod too. (and I'm happy for you!)

Grandma Nelson said...

I'm still a little confused by all the changes in your life, but HIS Aunt and Uncle had some really good things to say about him. I'm so steeped in Nauvoo history that I could only think of Sylvester Stoddard, whick led to Stalonne (lots of misspelled words in there) which led to Rocky or Rambo.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm this is a Very tough question when i hear scuttle i thing of the little mermaid so i like Sebastian which also reminds me of Bach triton sounds very regale oh and i also like flounder thats one is good to oh and Eric short and powerful sounding...

Cameron and BreAnn said...

That's a hard one. But forget the name for a minute - I want more details!!! I'm glad things are going well for you. You sound very happy! From your posts, I've concluded that you work at Subway. Are you still in Logan? Going to school? Living at home? See how far behind I am? Horrible. Good luck with the name choice!