Saturday, May 1, 2010

Get Over Yourself

Hello friends!

Sorry that I've been gone so long.  I just... haven't had much to say.  As for my last post... I guess we're going with Hod.  Though it's not his favorite choice, but I think it will work just fine.  Things with Hod are going very well.  He's great.  But that's not the purpose of this post.

I'm in my local institute choir.  The easy one that doesn't involve any trying out.  My sister L5 is part of the auditioned choir.  That choir is led by one Bro. Halibut (Yes, L5 I'm aware that Bro. Halibut's real name has nothing to do with fish, but it's a common mistake others make, so we're going with it.)  People who know me, know that I am not really a fan of Bro. Halibut.  He's a good man, I just can't really stand to have a conversation with him.  That could be because every personal interaction I've had with him has been negative.  I know you're in charge, but really, I've been playing drums for 13 years, you may want to trust my judgement, because after going through 5 other steps, you're going to come to the same conclusion that I suggested to you.  Sorry, but I digress.

L5 and I are in a concert together this weekend.  It's actually the auditioned choir's concert, but they are letting the non-auditioned choir join in.  But really, it's still almost all about the auditioned choir.  Last night, by the time the performance had actually started, I was a little.... unhappy with things.  You know, things like how during our prayer, the speaker asked that we would be able to perform in a way to make Bro Halibut happy, and then he said and in a way to make the Lord happy... I'm thinking that order should have been switched.  Then the lady who was announcing things talked about how the auditioned choir was here to represent the institute and how cool they are, and all of us non-auditioned folks were just there to... twiddle our thumbs.  Ok, that last part wasn't said, but it sure felt like it.

Being as I already have issues with Bro. Halibut, and I'm not a big fan of how most of the auditioned choir acts like they are better than us non-auditioned people, I wasn't really in the best mood.  Well, that and Hod was supposed to be there with me, but then he got called into work, and thats just lame, cause life is always a bit more fun when you have a cute boy there.

This concert really is quite the production, with dancers in their many costumes, L5 being the rockin' awesome narrator and some great choreography.  The non-auditioned choir was placed in the fake mezzanines found on both sides of the stage.  We were up high.  Man did it get hot.  Oh well.  Seeing as I am fairly vertically challenged, I was on the front row.  No surprise there.  And I had a kind of cool experience.  Where I was sitting, I could see where the boys would stand while waiting to come on stage.  This mostly happened to the dancing boys between costume changes.  During one song, I saw one of the dancers standing there waiting.  He was behind a big screen thing so people couldn't see him.  He was far away from any of the microphones. And he was singing with his heart.  I could hear him, but I'm pretty sure that no one else could.  But he understood the purpose of things. Yes, he was there to perform, but mostly he was there to share his testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith and of our Savior Jesus Christ.

And there I was thinking about how this whole thing was lame, and I was hot, and my back hurt.  Then it hit me.  No, I'm never going to be Bro. Halibut's #1 fan.  But I love music, and I love the Lord.  Sometimes I just really need to get over myself.  I needed to understand the purpose of things.  It's not all about you, Paily!


Happy Mom said...

You make me happy, girl!

I'd love to call you, but I think I left my charger in Utah and my cell phones dead. Thhbbtbtb!

Love you!

Leann Nelson said...

I enjoyed that little reminder of priorities! I am sorry things weren't great during the show. I would agree that things are not worded the best but after years of doing things with Bro. Halibut I have come to accept that is the way he is. But don't forget that you are cute!

Colorado Red Head said...

I was getting all ready to agree with you in your indignation, and then you have to ruin it by going all humble and introspective on me. What's that about? Can't it just be all about you for long enough for me to make a concurring snide remark?

Grandma Nelson said...

Isn't it great when we get all caught up in our frustrations and then something happens to remind us of what is really important. I may have to blog about that. Love you lots.