Monday, November 9, 2009

Just In Case

So, you know that scene in Toy Story 2, when Mrs. Potato head packs Mr. Potato Head's angry eyes, just in case?

Today there is no "just in case"!

Here's the deal. I'm the mom of an FHE family. We have major issues getting anyone to come to FHE. My co-leader (He's not the dad, that ticks him off) doesn't really have any desire to magnify his calling. As a result, he ticked off all 3 of my roommates last week. But I'm trying to be nice and not take sides and be supportive. But honestly, why would you assign out calling everyone in our group when you have never tried it. In fact, you never have any contact with anyone in our group and you make me do it all every week.


So, we have this great plan, and we are combining with another group, because they also have horrid attendance. We are going to go build a fire up the canyon, roast marshmallows, and the other group is in charge of the lesson. Then this morning Mr. Co-Leader bails on me. No warning, no reasoning, just, "Hey, can we do something else, cause something came up and I'm not going to be there." Oh, sure. It's not like I already announced what we were doing. It's not like the whole fire thing was your idea anyway. Sure. So we change the plans. I am now in charge of the activity and the treats. Bummer. Ok, I'll make it work. So I go to work, work my tail off cause "We're too slow to have this many people here, even though you always get slammed and then people think you are a slacker because the customers have to wait in line, and you don't get all of the cleaning jobs done."

On the way home from work, the leader of the other group says, "I couldn't find anyone to teach the lesson... can any of your roommates do it?" Oh, yeah right. They don't even come to FHE, they all have work till 7. It's fine that I'm tired, and I've been running around like a crazy woman all day. I like being in charge of FHE. With absolutely no help. That sounds ideal. FHE starts in 90 min. So instead of getting things ready (like working out the activity and planning a lesson and going shopping for a treat, and I still need to shower) I'm blogging. If everyone else can be a slacker, I can too!

I'm totally busting out my angry eyes!

(Small update. I don't have to do the lesson anymore. Good thing, cause I did it last week. Yeah!)


Happy Mom said...

You make me happy!!!!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has days like this!!!

Keep being the dependable one, girl!!! I think you're fab!

Laree said...

Hah, I was just going to say don't you hate it that our family is known to be the dependable ones?

I hate it when we get stuck doing everything because we aren't slackers and aren't willing to let stuff fail if we can help it.

Sorry girl!

Grandma Nelson said...

The thing I like? Maybe like isn't the right word; but it is interesting that though our family grumbles about those kind of things, we do continue to be dependable. Glad you keep hanging in there. Love you so much