Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Purpose

I think I missed my true calling in life. Forget the education, forget all the time I've spent learning in and out of the classroom, and the homework, and the tests, and the book reports, and the 10 page papers about the Loch Ness Monster. (Yeah, I really did write a paper about her. It was a follow up on the 8 page paper I wrote about Aliens.) I could have skipped this. Because I know what I was called to do in my life.


Really. I hear the music, and I just need to move. I can see movement in my mind and I must copy it. Then as I dance, I picture others joining me, until we are all one giant mass of dancing. It wouldn't be very organized, but that's ok. It's all just what you feel.

Too bad when I try this out I look like a crazy gerbil having seizures. Where is the justice??

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Laura said...

He he he... sure love ya sis!