Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Short But Sweet

So, I would like to update all of you on my life. I'm not good at calling people to let you all know this in person.

The deal is: I'm in love. And so is Scuttle. (That works nicely doesn't it.)

It makes me happy.

Have a great day!


Happy Mom said...

EXACTLY as it should be! (I'm soooo happy for you!)

Laura said...

I am so happy for you both! He does know he is in love with a great gal, doesn't he??? Love ya sis!

Lynn said...

Congrats!! I'm greatful that it is a mutual feeling, That is the best thing in a relationship!! Best Wishes, Hugs Lynn

Grandma Nelson said...

Ah, young love. It's so refreshing. Keep me up to date. Love you!!!!!

Cameron and BreAnn said...

Alright...you have to update me...who is Scuttle..and what has been going on in your life? You're in Logan, right? Details....and yes, your whole life story since the mission....thanks!

Colorado Red Head said...


You're great!