Monday, March 31, 2014

So Many Pictures!

I recently posted a photo of #2 on Facebook and I was informed that she was unrecognizable. I guess I don't post enough pictures... So, here is a catch up of our last 4 months in photos.  They are all pretty random.

Cute smiles in December 

This is at a museum here.  Hod and #1 being cute.  (Click picture to enlarge... I think...) 

When we put #1's hat on her, she used to freeze like she wasn't allowed to move in the hat. 

#1 on Christmas Morning 

Hod and #2 on Christmas Morning 

#2 smiling for a picture to send Daddy. 

Hod asked me to send a picture of myself, but told me "No faces".   I thought I was funny. 

 #1 playing with her new blocks.

#1 watching a little TV with a super messy chocolate mouth. 

#1 loves to hide under the sink. 

Just being a cute girl. 

Morning "huggles" with daddy. 

I just think she is cute when she sleeps. 

Daddy made breakfast.  #1 was a really big fan. 

 She is wearing one of my hats, and was so excited.

 Just riding the car in her princess crown.

#2's Birthday.  She loved her cake. 

#2 loves to put things on her head.  She is so proud when she succeeds. 

Family Pajama Movie Party! 

 Hod's car died, so we bought a van, and now he drives my car.  #2 is getting so big!
 She climbed up all by herself!

I pulled out my old drumsticks one day.  #1 thought they were the coolest thing ever.  I may have another drummer in the family! 

Coloring with my ginormous pen. 

We cut her hair, and she looks so grown up!

Also, #1 is becoming quite the little singer.  If there is music, she is singing along.  When she doesn't know the words she just mumbles.  It is adorable.

Oh, and one more story.  I wish I had a picture of this.  Last night we had put the girls in bed, and #2 started SCREAMING.  That is out of character for her, so I went to check on her.  She stood at the side of her crib, (the side facing the wall) and had a blanket on her head so she couldn't see.  I have no idea what was going on, but I laughed really hard, and then helped calm her down.

And that is our life!


Leann Nelson said...

LOVE LOVE all the pictures! Thanks for the picture updates!!

Miss Nelson said...

Oh, I just miss you, your awesome hubby, and your sweet girls! Thanks for all the photos! LOVE THEM!

Grandma Nelson said...

So fun to see all the darling pictures. Love you all.