Wednesday, February 1, 2012


#1 loves taking a bath.  She loves to kick, and splash, and she loves getting her hair washed. I love what it does to her hair.  I think it is so great when she looks at me like this:

Although... I do have to admit... Even though the growth rate of her hair can't keep up with the growth rate of her head, sometimes that face reminds me of this:
found here

It makes me happy.


Miss Nelson said...

Ok, it's been WAY too long since I've held that little one! Miss you!

Leann Nelson said...

I agree with Miss Nelson! She looks like a totally different baby! Miss and love you guys lots!

Laree said...

She has changed so much! Love it!

Grandma Nelson said...

OK the monkey is cute, but NO WHERE near as cute as that beautiful grandchild.

Happy Mom said...

She looks so much like you! So fun!