Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas To Me!!

I just got myself the coolest Christmas present ever

About 3 weeks ago, I was looking on a local website at free stuff.  And there was an item that I really wanted!  But it was late at night, so rather than calling the giver, I e-mailed.  And someone else had beat me to it by 45 minutes.  Lame!

Then, about a week and a half ago, Hod found a very similar item for only $20.  He was on his way to go pay for the item, thus reserving it, and someone showed up 10 minutes before he got there and took the last one.

Then today, I saw a similar item in the free section of the local website.  And it had only been posted online for 13 minutes.  I took a risk and called the guy.  (Which is big for me, cause I don't call strangers.)

Someone had called him 2 minutes earlier and claimed the item.


But then... Mr. Kind-Giver-Of-Goodness asked me if he could keep my number in case first want-er backed out.  I said yes, but I knew that the first want-er wouldn't back out.  I mean, it's pretty rockin' awesome!

I was sad.  But really, first I missed it by 45 min... then 10 min... then 2 min... so next time it would be mine, right?

Mr. Kind-Giver-Of-Goodness just called be back.  The first want-er backed out!  So guess what I'm getting!!!!

(I was going to put a picture... but I can't find a good one.)

A PIANO!!  It's smaller than normal with about 77 keys instead of 88.  And it needs to be tuned... And no one has any idea how old it is...but it's playable, and it's free!

Now I just have to find some people to help me go pick it up.



Diana said...

Merry Christmas! That is awesome and I am so happy for your and yours!

Laree said...

Hooray for you! And a bigger hooray that you won't have to lug it up a bunch of stairs!

(and I had no idea it was even possible to have a piano with only 77 keys. But it's not like you'll even miss those 11!)