Sunday, August 22, 2010

So Much To Do!

I think I may be getting the slacker-iest blogger award.  I'm going crazy!!  Here's a small update on my life.

Wedding:  It's in 12 days.  12.  As in if I was a freak and was like the 6-fingered-man only double I would be able to count it out on my fingers.  I haven't even started to think about packing.  And I have to pack from 2 houses.  I still have wedding announcements that I need to deliver.  Oh, and let's just make life crazy, listen to this.  So Hod and I had decided where we were moving for him to go to school.  It's about a 90 min drive from were we currently life.  THEN 7 days ago, there was a big shift.  We are now moving a 2 1/2 hour drive the opposite direction.  Why?  Because God said so.  I really wish he would tell me things further in advance.  The good news is, we already have an apartment in the new location, some of my very bestest of friends live there, and Hod can still transfer for work.  I still don't have a job, but I didn't have one before either.  Good gravy!

Yesterday we went and took my bridals.  That was a lot of fun.  I had an entire entourage following me.  There was the photographer (L5), her assistant L7 in charge of the reflector, my roomie in charge of my bouquet, the friend who is doing my hair in charge of the veil, another friend who was in charge of posing me, cause I had NO idea what I wanted or should do, and her husband who was watching their baby, and may have joined me in a picture because I needed some manly influence.  I know, it's strange.  Just go with it.  I would post pictures, but Hod reads this blog, and that is not something he is allowed to see.

I still have 5 days left of work.  It's a pretty lame job, and though I was SO grateful to get it, I will be glad to leave it.  I am totally only working here for the money.  But getting this job was a gift, I am very much so done.

My parents get home in 2 days!!  I can't even tell you how happy I am about this.  At first, I kind of wanted to plan my wedding by myself.  Then I figured I would get exactly what I wanted because my Mom wouldn't be around to disagree with me.  This is all based on a small disagreement we had about my wedding reception when I was 15.  Well, I've grown up, and I don't think we would have fought anymore, and I am now just INSANE because I didn't wait for my Mom.  I mean, really.  What was I thinking!  L2 and L3 have been SO great to help me get things done, but there is only so much they could do.  They are crazy busy with their families.  L5 has been busy being my photographer, so she hasn't been able to do too much more, L7 has been traveling around the world and moving classrooms so she hasn't been here, Hod is working 52 hours a week, so he's not around to help.  As a result, I have probably done 87% of my wedding all by myself.  I am SOOOOO glad to have a Mom that I can throw some of the last minute things at.  I have to keep working and I have to move, and there is so much to do.  But she is coming home so soon from her mission mostly to help me.  Mom's are the best, and I sure do love mine!  And, I think I just need the rational mind of my Dad.  So, Mom and Daddy-o, Please drive safely, and come join me!  I only have 10 days with you before I'm a married woman, so let's do all of the fun things we can think of in between wedding stuff!

So, yeah.  There's my life.  It's crazy, and I'm barely holding on.  But it's all going to work out!!

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