Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Random Smatterings

It's 11:17 PM. I'm actually home for once. I tend to be at Scuttles till about midnight every night. So, instead of being responsible and going to bed like a good little Paily, I decided to blog about the randomness in my head.

I always get hungry late at night. This could be because I don't normally eat dinner. Hence me finishing off a good sized bowl of chips and salsa. It's better than the ice cream I was considering!

Institute is an amazing program. I am taking a class taught by a member of the Seventy. It's all about Christ. Every week I learn things that make my head spin... in a super spiritual, not freaky at all, but so empowering and testimony strengthening kind of way.

I probably don't help out around my apartment enough. So today I decided to be a good little sister and clean the bathroom. I don't mind cleaning the bathroom, but I always feel a deep desire to shower right after. Wouldn't you know it, right as I finished the construction guys outside hit something and there was no water in my apartment. I used bottled water to wash up to my elbows, still felt gross and went to work. (Did you eat Subway today? Cause I was gross!) The good news: The water was back on after work so I got to shower before going to class.

For some reason, Scuttle finds homework a lot more enjoyable when I am sitting in the room. I don't really find it more enjoyable though. But he does have a very interesting book to read for a class. I'm the only one who has read it so far. I'm about 1/4th of the way done. It's good, but every sentence starts the same way. He didn't.... He saw.... He thought... there is a lot of "He"s in there. But this book has changed my life. I have now made the very important promise to myself that I will never ride atop a train going through Mexico to smuggle myself across the border into the US. (Side note, I don't think I have ever used the word "atop" before in my life. Really.)

I once spelled fondue correctly off the top of my head. I didn't even stop to think about it.

I had a dream last night with Josh Groban in it. But it wasn't really cool, it was just bizarre. He wouldn't say anything to me. Instead he just kept handing me small animals. Birds, squirrels, bunnies, chipmunks... it was very strange.

I am totally craving a baked potato right now. With chili, and cheese, and maybe a touch of ranch... mmmmmm.

I've decided I don't so much love singing as I love socializing with people in Choirs. Really, they are a special breed. But I'm right in there with them, so lets make it a super cool special breed. See? Now it's a complement.

I wonder how many marshmallows I could fit in my mouth. I don't really want to shove them in there to find out, but it would be a cool stat to have that you could shout out at parties.

AND Jezebel was the only queen in the Bible to be eaten by dogs. Yeah, I totally stole that from a movie. It just seemed important to add.


Happy Mom said...

That's my random sis!! I love her!

My kids like to play a game where you put one large marshmellow in your mouth and then say, "Chubby bunny." You then add another and say it again and see how many you can fit in and still stay it. The one with the most wins!

Happy Mom said...

I meant "still say it!"

Laree said...

I actually have tears in my eyes, I'm laughing so hard!

(I was going to mention chubby bunny too!)

I'm so happy you've made that promise to yourself. I've really worried that you might do something just like that someday (although I worried it would be into zimbabwe)

Laura said...

Hold that craving on hold... you can have it Sunday I have lots of family around to enjoy it with!

Kaylee said...

Oh man, you make me laugh so hard! :) I miss you! Let's play really soon, okay? Like... super fun play! We could have another Murder Mystery night! :)

Kaylee said...

Yes! Add to my list! :) That would make me exceedingly glad :)

Grandma Nelson said...

I miss you daughter. It would be so fun to sit around and talk and laugh together, but for now, just know I love you and think you are very fun.