Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dude, I'm Not Even a Real Student...

Classes at the local university started yesterday. That means everyone I know is super stressed. Worried about fitting everything in that they need to, getting books, understanding teachers, doing homework, balancing this with everything they want to do, but now can't because summer is over. You know, all that jazz type of stuff. I've seen this coming for quite a while and I've been a little internally snotty about it. I've been in school all summer... ok, maybe I've been a slacker and haven't done as much homework as I should have, but I knew things weren't going to change that much. No stress for me! HA, HA, HA!

But I, being the type that doesn't like to be outdone by anyone....

Ok, you'll remember my last post where I freaked out for ever. I have the nicest, bestest, kindest, most charitable parents in the world. As a result, Saturday morning I got to go pick up my new car. Car doesn't have a name yet. Heck, I haven't even picked a gender. When we picked it up, Mr. Salesman informed me that when they had detailed it the night before they left the lights on so the battery may have some problems. "Just let it run for a bit," he said. So I did. I drove my friend around a little, and let the car run. But it didn't really start very well. And each time it had a harder time starting. Until I got in it Sunday afternoon to go worship. It wouldn't start at all. Saturday I had given Mech his car back. I was going to be right on time to everything on Sunday, but apparently that wasn't an option. I got out of my car, picked up my things, got on my phone and started walking the 4 blocks to Mech's house. He told me that I could use his car again. But now I was running late. So I was powerwalking, in heels to get the car. Yep, I totally got blisters. It is now Tuesday, and Car still isn't running. Daddy-o wants me to take it to a place to see if it's the starter.... but it won't start so I can't drive it. Lame!

So I'm dealing with car stuff. And I'm moving. As in Saturday night I will be sleeping in my new place. I am so not ready to move. I had a plan, but it's just not working out. (lack of real car could be a big part of that) Moving always stresses me. Changes stress me. So I'm stressing.

Then there is Scuttle. He's cute. We have fun. He no longer has a job that means he is gone for days at a time. And I like him. That means I want to see him pretty much every day. Oh, and he seems to want to see me every day too. Isn't that cute?! Except for the part where I'm going through lots of changes right now and already stressed. Yes, he's good at de-stressing me, but I should probably be doing something really good and productive. Well, we did do homework for 2 hours together yesterday. So that's productive. But there is always a little bit of relationship drama. Not really with us, cause we're all good. The drama is from everyone else. We've been dating almost 6 weeks. (Hey, it's a transfer! I like thinking in transfers!) Apparently anything over 3 weeks means it's time to cue the marriage jokes. REALLY????!!! Hello! 6 weeks. That's nothing. That means nothing. Get over it! Stop it already. I don't like the pressure. And Scuttle doesn't like it either. I'm about ready to never go to any sort of social thing with him. If we don't do things with other people then they can't crack jokes cause we aren't there. See? Eh? Good idea? Ok, no. It's totally lousy. But I am tempted.

So here I am, thinking that this will be a stress free time of life. I'm not a REAL student. I'm doing on-line school. I have time... and yet, I'm stressing. I guess I should get used to the stress option. Although, my friend found out yesterday that if you're in Europe you can often fly Internationally for only $30 a ticket. Maybe I'll just teleport to Europe and then vacation. Ignore all of the stress.... OHHH that sounds great. I'll send you a postcard from Sunny Spain!


Happy Mom said...

Hey girl!!! I love to read your posts! Good news about the car, (getting one, I mean, not so much about the not starting part).

Ignore the jokes and don't let anyone pressure you. Just enjoy the journey!

Love you!!

Laree said...

Wow. It's been 6 weeks? I had no idea it had been that long. In my world it's only been about 6 days - so just start telling people that!