Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's a Case of the Nerves

Just a quick funny story.

Yesterday at work I tried to be a good employee. We were running out of important things like cucumbers, green peppers, and onions. I entered the walk in fridge to get these tasty vegetables. I have this really bad habit when I walk into the fridge. I kind of enter my own little world. I don't just hang out in there for hours or anything, but I normally spend a few extra seconds.

Some of my best thinking has happened in the fridge. I know, weird. As I was stacking all of the contaniers, not really paying attention to what I was doing, one of my co-workers opened the door and said "Hi" or something. She didn't say anything too loud, or scary. But man did I jump!

A little jump, a little scream and suddenly we had cucumbers and green peppers all over the floor. Apparently I need to find a new thinking place, cause I can't be throwing food on the floor all the time. Yeah, pretty much I'm lame, but it was funny!


Happy Mom said...

I can picture it in my mind!! Thanks for the chuckle!

Laree said...

I totally used to escape to the fridge (or -20 freezer) to think. But I hate it when someone walks in on me! I jump the same way.

Laura said...

You make me giggle... wish I had been there to see! Love ya lots!

Aubrey's Outlet said...

I think the fridge is one of those places wher thinking is just going to happen! This very thing happend to me at Lee's when I was working in the deli! Only I sent a box od chicken legs flying all around! I guess they just needed one more attempt at flight before they took the plunge into the deep fryer!

Kaylee said...

I've done the same thing!! Yellow peppers! :P