Friday, February 13, 2009

Ever Feel Like You're Five Again?

Here's a random moment of my life. Ok, this is me, the fact that I would blog about something random really shouldn't surprise you. Let's do this.

I have acquired a new and completely irrational fear. I have NO idea where this came from. Maybe something is wrong with my inner ear or something. Whatever the reason I am now scared of falling out of my bed. Let me explain to you how stupid this is. (I know, you're thinking "why explain? Yep, it's stupid.") The way my bed is currently placed, if I am laying/lying (I've never known which was right and I'm too lazy to check now) down on my back the head of my bed and the left side of my bed are against a wall. For some reason, any time I lay on my left side, so that my back is towards the rest of my bedroom, I have this fear of falling. It's like vertigo, but not. And just to see if I was really crazy, one night I turned so my head was at the foot of my bed, turned over onto my right side, and had the same sensation.

My bed is not tall. It's not on cinder blocks. It's not on anything except for it's short little bed frame that is only 6" off the ground. Then add the box springs and the mattress, and I am 2' off the ground max. And it's not like I have sharp knives on the floor next to my bed that could impale me if I happen to roll too far. Just a few books, and sometimes my computer. Nothing that could hurt me. I haven't been scared of falling out of bed since... well ever. I used to fall out of bed when I was a kid. I remember doing it at least once. It never bothered me, except I would get cold on the floor without a blanket. And I'll be honest, I don't sleep on the top bunk. That scares me, but at least then I'm a good 6 feet off the ground. That seems a little bit valid...ish.

Totally irrational. Like I said before, let's blame it on an inner ear problem or something.

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Anonymous said...

I have had a similar fear my whole life! If I am laying down facing a wall, I am certain I will be murdered. I can't have my bed against a wall b/c if I wake up and am facing the wall I start to feel too scared to turn over and face the rest of the room (because, you know, as long as I don't see the murdered I am safe!)

Now that is crazy!