Saturday, January 25, 2014


Yesterday at 7:45 #1 woke me up.  This is a perfectly normal time for her.  I got her out of her room, and brought her to the bed.  She saw Hod and sweetly said, "Daddy shcleeping! Bed, Huggles!"  I've always told her that I love to snuggle with her after she wakes up.  She calls them huggles, and I think it is the cutest thing ever!

A few minutes later #2 woke up.  I could hear her giggling and playing, so she soon joined our morning "huggle" fest.  I was feeling really good as #2 had slept through the night, and #1 had only woken up once.

The previous evening Hod's car wouldn't start so he had to get a ride home from work.  This meant we had to figure out how to get his car back to our house while it was still warm outside.  (Sometimes it just doesn't start in the cold.  It isn't the battery, and it doesn't happen every time.  As soon as it warms up the car is fine.)

I started a batch of laundry, and we ran to the store as a family so Hod could take my car to work (After he drove his car home on his lunch break.).  As we were checking out the cashier dropped a gallon of milk that splattered all over.  #2 got a cute splash on her face.  We all laughed as she looked confused about what had happened.  As the adults were laughing #1 joined in with her own little forced laugh.  She didn't get the joke, but she wanted to be included.  After all of the adults finished laughing she continued on, then became confused that we had stopped laughing.  Ha, kids are cute.

I took Hod to work, and drove home.  #2 started falling asleep on our drive.  She is so cute when she sleeps in the car.  She falls asleep with her arms on the edges of the car seat much like you would imagine an evil King sitting on his throne looking down on his subjects.

We got home, I unloaded the car, handed #1 the box of crackers we bought for her to carry, handed #2 the new sippy cups we bought her, and had to ballance a box of muffins between her head and my chin as I carried her into the house.  We got inside, and I walked into the kitchen to put things down.  I heard a splash splashing behind me.  #1 was splashing in a huge puddle on the floor.

How did that get there????

Turns out the drain leaving our apartment from the washing machine was frozen.  When the washer drained, the water had to go somewhere.  We ended up with water all over our kitchen floor, and a funky, not really square, but I don't know how else to describe it shaped wet carpet spot about 8x8 feet.  I grabbed a towel to try to mop it up, and quickly realized I didn't have enough towels to fix this, and then if I used all of my towels I couldn't wash them anyway.  So I called the office.

They said the would send someone right over.  I built a barricade to try to keep #1 confined and waited.

HA!  Using chairs to keep a 2 year old in one place?  Funny.

They sent people over, thawed out the drain, shop-vac-ed some of the water, and left us with a huge carpet drying fan.

We spent the day playing in the fan and getting wet on the carpet.  It was very cold, but the girls didn't seem to notice.

#2 learned how to climb up small rises when there is the promise of food to motivate her.  Take away the food and she is somehow incapable.  Silly girl.

Just an average day at our house!


Leann Nelson said...

That is some serious lift on #1's hair!! They are pretty cute! Sorry about the flood!! Love you lots!

Miss Nelson said...

Lame about the flood!! But your video and pics are SO cute!!

Grandma Nelson said...

Water problems are never fun, but I'm so glad we got the cute pictures. Hope you all dried out and things are back to "normal".