Sunday, August 26, 2012

Good, Better, Best?

I kind of don't love it when I have to choose between good things.  Bad vs good, I'm all over that.  Good vs good, that is a bit harder.

For example:

Last week, Hod had to work during church.  #1 didn't nap at appropriate times, so I knew church would probably be a challenge.  But we went, got there early, enjoyed sacrament meeting, and then went off to Sunday School so I could teach the young teens.  #1 lost it.  I had to spend so much time taking care of her that I wasn't able to be a good teacher.  Class was a mess, the boys that always struggle were a complete battle, I don't know that anyone learned anything, and if it wasn't for one random boy that shared an AMAZING insight the entire class would have been a giant waste.  After class, I knew that there was no way #1 would make it through Relief Society, so we went home so she could sleep.  I don't love missing parts of church.

Fast forward to this week:  #1 woke up 90 min earlier than normal.  This made her morning nap early.  That means to get to church on time she would have to be awake forever, or I could choose to miss the first hour of church, give her a nap, actually be able to teach my class without a screaming baby (cause Hod is working again, so I'm on my own and I need #1 to be happy.) and hopefully teach with the Spirit.  This week I also plan on going to Relief Society.

But is that a good choice?  What is better, having a screaming and tired baby, or missing part of Church so the rest of Church goes well?

I don't love options like this.  I really need to find someone who likes sad babies and wants to take #1 when Hod is working.  Either way, #1 just fell asleep, so I'm pretty sure I'm not going to make it to Church in 15 min.  But when I do get there, I will have a happy baby!

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Sarah said...

What do your visiting teachers do during that hour? Could one of them take her? I hate decisions like that too. It's good to not miss church, but it's also good to be able to teach a lesson without a screaming child. Good luck figuring out what's best! Mucho love-o!