Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lazy Bones

I love my kid.  She is awesome.  She is also lazy.

Seriously.  Back in the day I told you about her lack of wanting to reach for anything.  It wasn't that she couldn't, she just didn't.  We worked, and worked, and then she finally started reaching.

She doesn't sit.  She loves to stand.  She loves tummy time.  Heck, she even likes time on her back.  But, sitting?  Nah, she'd rather flop onto her tummy.

She can get around.  She can scootch, she can kind of crawl, she can roll, she's awesome.  However, if I'm in the room she just doesn't care.  She'd rather put her head down and cry til I get her toy for her.  I'll tell her that she can get it herself, but she just keeps looking at me with her super pitiful face as if to say, "Hey, Mom, why won't you help me?"  Somehow, though, when I'm in the shower she manages to keep all of her toys with her and she is perfectly happy.

I have a sweet girl who wants to be Miss Lazy Bones!

On another note, she has started giggling more.  I love it!

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Grandma Nelson said...

Havn't heard the giggles. Can't wait. Love to all.