Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Be A Good Tennant


As previously mentioned, Hod and I moved a few weeks ago.  This is the story of the place we were moving to: Old renter trashed the place.  So, we got all new flooring, new toilet, new sink, new ceiling fan.  Sounds great, right? I don't have to worry about #1 learning to crawl on a gross floor, cause it's all brand new!

However, not only was she a very messy person, she was also irresponsible.  Three examples:

1.  We moved in on Saturday.  Monday morning we had a loud knock on our door.  It was someone from the Gas company telling us that he was turning off our Gas because of lack of payment.  WHAT?  We quickly got on the phone and told them that we have a 6 month old baby and we can't live without hot water.  They said it would take 24-48 hours to turn it back on.  We prayed, and somehow the gas kept going.  Whew.

2.  We called to get the internet.  I went to pick up all of the pieces and found out that because of lack of payment, there was a hold on our apartment.  Because of this we had to wait a few more days before they could come and take our hold off.  That's just lame.

3.  Today we got home and we have a package from Direct TV.  It's for the previous tenant.  Sent Fed Ex.  So now I have to figure out how to return it.  (I have no idea where the closest Fed Ex place is.)

So, moral of the story is: be a good tenant so you don't seriously inconvenience the person moving in after you.

In other news:  I got a new phone.  That's cool.  Except I still haven't figured out where my alarm clock is.  So we use our phones.  Except if we use Hod's it wakes up #1.  (I know there are ways to prevent this... but they aren't an option.)  The nice people at the phone store told me that it was very important that I let the battery die before I start charging my phone.  Just this one time.  But it won't die!  It's been telling me it's about to die for an hour.  I just want to go to bed.  Dumb phone.


Grandma Nelson said...

I'm impressed. You didn't even mention the filth left in the kitchen cupboards and drawers. Hopefully the nasty little surprises are over

Sadie said...

You are such a trooper! You have moved so many times with a little one! So is this your third or fourth apartment since this little one came around? I just don't know how you do it! I hope you can finally start settling in and not have any more problems with this place. We miss you guys so much!