Friday, March 12, 2010

I Don't Know Where This Came From

Recently I have been thinking about serious things.  Oh, wait, that would be funny if it wasn't true.  Cause this is all just crazy stuff.

I have been thinking about these:

Ears are crazy things.  Really.  Think about it.  Some funny shaped skin and then we can hear?  Who came up with that plan?  And some people have really, really, funny looking ears.  I have a theory about that.  I don't think people know what their ears look like.  Have you ever really looked at your ears?  Cause my eyes just plain aren't able to go there.  I guess I've probably glanced at them when I've used mirrors to look at the back of my head, but I've never really noticed.  Wow.  I could have totally freakish ears and not even know it.  What kind of friends are you?  You never told me about my freakish ears?  Wait... never mind.  I can't afford any sort of plastic surgery, so we'll just play ignorance.  That way, if anyone ever asks me about my freakish ears, I can play stupid.  Thank you all for protecting me.

I was watching a movie the other day, and I noticed that the main character had totally mis-matched ears.  Really, they were completely different.  I know that we aren't supposed to be symmetrical.  So, that's all cool and stuff.  It's just strange.  

I guess I never think about ears too much.  Mine are pretty lousy, too much drumming, not enough ear plugs.  As a result I pretty much need to be facing people when I talk.  I do a lot of lip reading.  Some people are totally into earrings.  I think they look nice and all, but they aren't really my thing.  That may be because I don't have pierced ears.  I do have 3 pairs of screw back earrings though.  They are pretty cool.  But they are all really sparkle-y and all that.  Sometimes I'm into sparkles but most of the time I'm a plain Jane.

Not sure where I'm going with this.  Ears.  They're pretty cool.


Laree said...

You crack me up!

Happy Mom said...

I didn't know that you lost hearing from band. Makes sense, since I did and I'm not a drummer!

Fun to read your posts!

Lynn said...

I saw your ears when you were just a small sprite, I don't recall that they were funny at all, but thanks for the chuckle, I had 1 client that always told me that his ears were not even, so not to trim his sideburns based on his ears, the key to all this is if sideburns are not quite even you can always ask the man to walk around with his head tilted to one side and that will even things up !!

Grandma Nelson said...

I lost hearing from raising 8 band kids, the last a drummer (who I loved listening to while she practiced. Eight noisy band kids. Plus a bunch of noisy grandkids. Oh yeah, and I got old. Might have something to do with it; but I love life, and all my noisy decendants

Cameron and BreAnn said...

You are so funny! Love reading your blog. How is everything going? Hope you're doing well.

Alicia Yvonne said...

I have spent many a time looking at my ears actually. They are tiny, and I was a little self conscience of them when I was younger because people would randomly notice them and say "wow... you have really small ears." eventually I realized that they aren't so small that everyone points and stares at them so I got over it... because small ears are better than HUGE ears. Donny also has small ears. Our baby will probably have small ears. that is all :)