Saturday, March 14, 2009

Embrace The Shmultz

It happened. Oh, dear people of the land of buckets, a great thing has happened today. My dear best friend got married! It was beautiful. She was beautiful. And I, being the hopeless romantic that I am thought it was wonderful. I wanted to post a picture, but then I remembered that my dear friend CRH (who married The Texan) wants to stay anonymous, and will only post pictures that you can't see her face in... Then I found a good picture. I imagine that I will only be able to post it for a very short amount of time before she demands I take it off of the Internet... so here you go. Look fast, 'cause I don't think it will last.
(Dear CRH: In my defence, you really can't tell who it is... so you are still anonymous...)

I am also spending time with my great parents. They were in a play tonight, and my father was crazy nervous. He did a nice job (and L1-7, I taped it so you can watch). This is what he is doing as I blog:

I know it's blurry, but I didn't want to use my flash and wake him up. I have the cutest Dad! Oh, and just as a little in advance goodness... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! (tomorrow) I love you!

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