Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Gift for #1

I truly believe that an all knowing Heavenly Father has a purpose for everything.

Today, #1 was being particularly difficult to put down for her nap.  She kept screaming and waking up her sister.  I went in to encourage her to stop screaming and her room smelled like a messy diaper.  I took her out to the main room and as I went to change her diaper I noticed she was holding her right hand funny.  Upon closer inspection I discovered this hand had been inside her diaper.  It was disgusting.  I changed her diaper, washed her hands 3 times, cut her fingernails, and went to inspect her room.  Luckily she didn't "paint" very much.  She was given the great task of helping me clean up.  She didn't like that much.

I put her back to bed because it was either that or yell at her a lot.  I was ticked.

A few hours later she was playing in the corner and I heard her talking to her toys.  Then I hear, "Thank day, dad dad, mommy, ister, eesus, AmEN!"  This was followed by lots of kisses and a "Nite!"

She has been given the gift of cuteness.

That is important as it makes me love her again when she has been driving me crazy.

Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when he made babies and toddlers cute!

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