Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Say What?

#1 is not much of a talker. She wants to talk, but she is super behind on the skill. We practice, and she is improving.  She says hi, bye, mom, dad dad (she always says it twice), no, and a new word:


Any guesses what she is saying?  After a few guesses from you, I'll tell you in the comments.


Miss Nelson said...

Does it mean treats? Like when something is

Laree said...

If she was 'Lil, I'd guess it would be "yes" she always starts everything with a no first!

But my real guess is "princess". It's close enough, and, though I don't know her very well, I could see one of your girls being VERY into princesses!

Leann Nelson said...

Well...my awareness of usual youth vocabulary is pretty limited...but my wild guess is "tummy". I'm pretty darn curious what the real answer is.

Caryn said...

Moriah says "num nums" for food...like "yum yums". Maybe it's something like that?

Paily said...

And the answer is: Banana! I am not sure why. It may have to do with it being nummy, but other foods have other words, like "ookie" for cookie, "kaker" for cracker... she is just funny.