Friday, March 15, 2013


I remember one summer day when I was a young teen, lounging on the couch reading a book when my Mom came up to me and starting rubbing my eyebrows....

Yeah, that was my reaction too.  She was trying to smooth them out because I furrow my brow when I read.  (And apparently when I type too...)  She was worried that I would get wrinkles.  I didn't listen to my mom.  I wasn't really worried about the wrinkles. Now I totally have them.  Not a big deal.  I'm fine with it.

However, I have found myself trying to smooth out #2's wrinkles that she is getting for the same reason.  It is funny to see her furrow her brow so often.  Maybe there is something in the genetics?  Whatever.  Wrinkles are in this season, right?

And now some random pictures.

 "I look down my nose at you, ma'am.  This I do because I am incredibly cute, and I can get away with it.  Now go fetch me some nourishment."

"Why am I chewing on a belt?  Because it exists, thus it must go into my mouth."


Sarah Machado said...

Such beautiful girls!! I can't wait to meet #2 in person someday. :)

Leann Nelson said...

LOVE the pictures!!!! I think you should keep them coming! AND I am super excited to see and hug you all in 2 weeks!!! YAHOO!!

Grandma Nelson said...

I am so lucky to keep getting such beautiful grandchildren. For so many years now they just keep coming and they great-grandchildren are just as great. There are some great perks about getting old.